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Profile of Outdoor against Cancer (OAC)

Profile of Outdoor against Cancer (OAC)
Outdoor against Cancer (OAC) is closely associated with the Founder and President Petra Thaller as spirit and developer, platform, and community manager of the project. OAC is already active in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention against cancer. 
The international, interdisciplinary training to become OAC Certified Instructor was partly developed within the framework of the co-funded ERASMUS+ project OAC: My Goal and was then further developed together with the international, interdisciplinary OAC Advisory Board that provides advice to OAC in the field of cancer prevention and subsequently digitised. This Vocational Education and Training has been developed for all health care professionals, sport trainers, nutritionists, personal trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists, environmental scientists and is also internationally certified by the German Medical Association with 60 continuing education points for physicians.
In addition to health-promoting behaviours such as physical activity and outdoor, balanced nutrition, sustainability & nature, strengthening self-efficacy in behaviour change, psychoeducation, and physical & mental well-being, OAC is networked on a global level and is active in the field of health promotion and cancer prevention. 
Furthermore, OAC is also strong in networking and communication on an international level. This includes communication between players in the fields of sports, environment, nutrition, psychological well-being, outdoor sports companies, players from the global sports scene, international corporations, but also in politics. Petra Thaller is politically active herself; she holds the position Lead EUR Health Policy at Volt Europe.
The OAC tools already successfully used for international dissemination are the website (in several languages), international TV and media appearances, the book "Outdoor Against Cancer: How Outdoor Physical Activity Helps in the Fight Against Cancer" (published in August 2018) and, from May 2022, the OAC Health app. The OAC Health app connects cancer patients, healthy people (primary prevention) and OAC-certified coaches, grassroots sports clubs, clinics, doctors, all professionals working in the health system, but also tourist regions and various European and non-European countries, etc. 
OAC is specialised in the digitalized implementation of all projects that OAC carries out in German-speaking countries and internationally. OAC has implemented all the pan-European projects with its partner IN2, and the processes are automated, ensuring the widest possible reach and visibility.
OAC has done further internationalisation work and was able to initiate first steps in non-European countries, including Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Jordan. The work of OAC is recognised in Germany by the Nationale Dekade gegen Krebs, an initiative backed by the German Ministry of Education and Research.
Starting in the summer of 2022, OAC will organize sports camps and events that promote healthy lifestyles based on OAC's four pillars: physical activity & outdoor sports, balanced nutrition, sustainability and physical & mental well-being, thus contributing to the account of primary prevention.