5th European Cancer Forum 2023 - OAC is committed

OAC is committed …
… to uncover the roots of health issues to create lasting strategies for enhancing individual and collective well-being. 
Their goal extends beyond addressing diseases post-diagnosis, aiming to swiftly decrease the curve of new cancer cases. 
The additional value here is that this not only works on cancer it also works on all other NCDs. 
The Power of Prevention has a huge positive impact on human health  especially when we start early, at the very beginning of children’s lives, during and before pregnancy. 

"Prevention is not passive; it's a powerful rebellion against the status quo of reactive healthcare." 

I don't need to point out the costliness of reactive healthcare. We all are aware of that. But we haven't yet implemented alternatives.
Maybe some of you are now thinking, what is she talking about? 
  • We first have to solve the issue of early detection, then 
  • get people to go for screening and
  • not freeze in fear when they have problems until it's often too late. 

Yes you are right, but our host did not invite me to talk about facts we are aware of.
  • I was invited  to talk about the additional problems we are facing and how we can get on track to beat cancer in Europe.
  • Are there solutions to cap the curve? 
  • And the answer is crystal clear: yes there are. 

In terms of cancer I already mentioned the power of an interdisciplinary approach during therapy and afterwards, and the problems we are facing, such as behaviour change. 

What if we don't step in the trap at all? 
In the trap of cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, mental problems, all NCDs?  
 But it is also an important project for teachers and parents to help them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

By the way it's a matter of fact that early childhood education reflects in a Return On Investment. 

Excerpt from Petra Thaller's Spotlight Session during the 5th European Cancer Forum in Brussels in December 2023

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