Embrace Life and Well-being: "I CHOOSE LIFE" Documentary on World Cancer Day 2024

Embrace Life and Well-being: "I CHOOSE LIFE" Documentary on World Cancer Day 2024

On this World Cancer Day, I am excited to share the impactful and inspiring documentary I CHOOSE LIFE from Bojan Hadžiabdić and Zoran Kubura with you.

In 2015, I confronted my greatest challenge: a breast cancer diagnosis. My personal journey resonates with the holistic well-being mission of Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC).

Mission Statement of OAC:
Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) is an international NGO dedicated to #health #education and disease prevention. OAC's mission is to educate and inspire people to be in control of their health - to go beyond traditional healthcare and embrace a more holistic view of well-being.
We empower individuals to be advocates of their health through evidence-based and trustworthy information and supportive communities in the four key pillars of a healthy lifestyle: (1) Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports, (2) Balanced Nutrition, (3) Sustainability & Nature, and (4) Physical & Mental Well-being - a holistic approach for human and planetary health.

Vision of OAC:

OAC’s vision is to help create a world where individuals and collectives can take command of their health and pursue holistic well-being - mind, body, and a deep connection to nature. Let’s rebel to be well.
As we navigate the challenges of health, let this documentary and OAC's mission serve as a source of inspiration. Join us in the rebellion for well-being and take command of your health.

So, let's rebel to be well and take responsibility for our own, our beloved ones', and our planet's lives and well-being.

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