OAC Annual Report 2022- 2023

OAC Annual Report 2022- 2023
Letter from the President


Since 2015, OAC has empowered individuals affected by cancer to take control of their own health.
From advocating for physical exercise during treatment to implementing initiatives focusing on holistic well-being and sustainability,
our journey reflects dedication and progress.

We firmly believe in the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, and nature's connection to overall wellness.
Nurturing each aspect is essential for true well-being.

Through partnerships and projects like SUN XR, Rock Your Health (RYHEALTH), UCanAct, and Outdoor Against Cancer Connects Us (OACCUs), 
we celebrate our transformative journey as we advance our vision globally.

Events such as the European Cancer Forum, Young Cancer Survivors Conference, and OAC Health Conferences in Morocco inspire and educate, 
shaping a new approach to healthcare.

As we move forward, OAC expands its focus to encompass all 
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). 

With our team growing and expanding, we'll challenge norms and cultivate a culture where comprehensive well-being is achievable.

Petra Thaller


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